To work with

Do you’ve a temporary peak due to, for example, the opening of your store, during a renovation. Shop Hands provides motivated employees who help you during this period.
Shop Hands relieves. Our people know how to work and have their Hands on, generally know the routing in a store. We may soon also know your store.
After all, Hands without worries is your flexibility of tomorrow !

What our Hands can do for you;

  • Inventory of the shop
  • Modifications of the shop walls
  • The ‘rolling out’ of promotional materials at home and abroad at (your) customers
  • The clearing of trade goods according to shelf plan
  • Placing hooks, price cards or others
  • Affixing signing (advertising messages) at shelf or other
  • Assembly of Materials
  • Dismantling of Shop wall shelves
  • Mounting of Shop wall shelves
  • The clearance of trade goods according to shelf plan

What are your wishes ?